Tanzu Standard – overview and demo

In this blog I will go over the capabilities of Tanzu standard. Tanzu standard is a bundle of products and capabilities that focus on the RUN and MANAGE pillars of the Tanzu portfolio. you can read more about the portfolio here or to read more about Tanzu with vSphere here.

Tanzu Standard enable you to adopt kubernetes with an easy path, using the current technology of VMware vSphere and vCenter but still stay as close to the open source community and leverage open source projects from the CNCF (cloud native computing foundation) to get consistency across different infrastructure providers, on premise and off, private cloud and public clouds.

The first challenge is to provision kubernetes clusters in different sites on premise or off premise, this challenge is mostly overcome with different tools like scripts or orchestration applications, that’s good for day 0 and even that will change between sites so you will need to operate and mange it. ClusterAPI is the open source life cycle management engine that becomes the standard the facto in the community. ClusterAPI allows you to build kubernetes cluster in a consistent way across different infrastructure providers with a declaration file (YAML) build on kubernetes as a platform to run and manage platforms. the abstraction layer is Kubernetes and that’s the magic, kubernetes will run the same across all.

Now that you have a fleet of kubernetes cluster running and being managed by kubernetes itself how do you achieve that operational consistency? that’s where Tanzu Mission Control is getting in. Tanzu mission control is a management control plane that can provision clusters with ClusterAPI on vSphere, AWS and AZURE (roadmap) as IaaS and manage the day 0 and day 2 of those clusters. but we know customers will leverage unique capabilities from different public clouds so Tanzu mission control can also attach any conformant kubernetes cluster and allow you to manage them just like those you provisioned except of the life cycle part.

To read more about Tanzu mission control you can read more in my previous blog.

So what is Tanzu Standard?

well, its a bundle of those two important parts the RUN where you can enable kubernetes services inside vSphere and leverage kuberntes to create and manage kubernetes clusters and the MANAGE where you get that consistent management and operations across fleet of kubernetes clusters. Tanzu Standard is the easyest way you can enhance your vSphere environment to expose new kubernetes services and interact with a single API layers to all kinds of infrastructure providers. see the table below for more information about capabilities in the bundle:

The best way to show the technology is with a demo, so, there you go 🙂

hope you enjoyed the blog and its useful, any comments is more than welcomed.

if you want to deep dive and get more information I will suggest checking our VMware learning zone, search for Tanzu there are some good sessions you can see

Connect Learning | VMwarehttps://vmwarelearningzone.vmware.com/oltpublish/site/cms.do?view=home&filter-searchText=tanzu

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