The future of VM’s is Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the most powerful orchestration layer for containers, that is a fact. but is it just for containers? “Kubernetes a platform to build platforms”, not just running workloads. You can introduce to kubernetes new objects (CRD), declare them with a manifest, control them with Kubernetes controllers, expose them with Kubernetes services, and connect them … More The future of VM’s is Kubernetes

Unboxing Tanzu Build Service 0.2.0

“Tanzu Build Service uses the open-source CloudNative Buildpacks project to Tanzu Build Service turns your source code into Open Container Initiative (OCI)-compatible, continuously maintained container images that are deployable on any OCI-compatible runtime. Not only does it bring the buildpacks experience CloudFoundry developers loved to Kubernetes-native apps, it also leverages an automated build model that amplifies the value of … More Unboxing Tanzu Build Service 0.2.0

Jenkins X Over PKS from Code to Prod

Authored by: Oren Penso (Twitter: @openso) Roie Ben-haim (Twitter: @roie9876)   Jenkins X is an open source platform for providing CI / CD pipeline on top of Kubernetes. The project combines a set of open source core applications, so things will work out-of-the-box, providing a turn key experience. The core applications are:   Jenkins X enable you to create a code project, commit the code, compile the … More Jenkins X Over PKS from Code to Prod